Research at AJC is conducted in close collaboration with the Industry, and meant to be clinically relevant. The strategy of research addresses research collaborations, Biostats & Bioinformatics, Biobank, Research grants & contracts with initial Research Themes on (a) Common GCC genetic disorders, (b) Type 2 diabetes, (c) Endemic cardiovascular diseases, (d) Genetically driven variations in drug metabolism, (e) Genome wide association studies, and (f) Biomarkers.

Within the research themes, a recent discovery was made at the AJC where a novel immune system mediator: a polypeptide which is induced by a nervous stimulus, and which has been found to mediate the transmission of signals between the immune system and the nervous system following an immune challenge. To date, there was no identification of any single or group of molecules that function as mediators between the nervous and immune systems in response to a nervous stimulus following an immune challenge.  We have now identified such a molecule, which may be particularly advantageous in further understanding the mechanism for innate immunity commencement and action. Furthermore, such a mediator also offers particular benefits as a potential therapeutic agent for modulating the natural responses in immune system disorders, or in immunosupressed or immunocompromised individuals. In addition, compounds or molecules that inhibit that function of such a mediator may be particularly advantageous as a therapeutic treatment in individuals with an over stimulated immune system. This work has resulted in the following international patent: Immune System Mediator UK, Patent Number: 0703887.0 PCT/EP2008/052399. The data was published by Moiz Bakhiet and Safa Taha: A novel nervous system-induced factor inducing immune responses in the spleen. Imm Cell Biol. 86: 688-699. 2008.